Use clean water as source water of Kujuyama

There is a mysterious place where the spring water springs up in spite of being a mountaintop in the place called Yufu city Shonai town Oshukakura. There is a reservoir of Yufu city water supply, and natural spring water is sent to each household as source water of tap water. This spring of spring water is drawn also at the factory of our company · Sato shop, and the product is manufactured using this spring water. Perhaps it seems that rainwater rushed down the mountain of Kusumiyama springs up through the underground water line, but rock minerals are abundant only in the water that passed through the rocks of tens of kilometers and the modern people are ordinary From modern eating habits it contains a lot of fine nutrients which are hard to consume.
Nearby this water source, famous water called "demon's stone Shimizu" also springs. From Yufu City Hall towards Aso, we are in a steep mountain facing Kumagusan on the right hand side.


Use domestically produced Konjac potato

We manufacture using Konjac potato mainly in Gunma prefecture. Sometimes we use raw materials from Oita and Hiroshima, we also do a little in-house cultivation.
Our product "Oita's Konjac" is made with Konnyaku potato where the local Oita farmer was raised. Because Kyushu-made Konjacu potato is rare, it is a very popular item.
Furthermore, with a very frequently asked question, "Is there a possibility of residual radioactivity in Gunma prefecture raw materials?" As for our raw materials from Gunma prefecture, we will purchase only those with "no detection" for both iodine and cesium by radioactivity test. Moreover, we have judged that there is almost no possibility of radioactivity remaining in Konjac potato by investigating on its own.


Commitment Konjac     Konjac of Sato shop

It is a manufacturing scenery of our signage product "Konjac of Sato shop."
① Compounding mainly raw materials close to raw potato called rough powder.
② Insert it in a mold and cut it out, then put it in the steam kettle.
③ Then simmer overnight. By inserting this process, "bleeding" is carried out, and a smell-free product with a tasteful taste is completed.
Today, the number of konjac factories that are doing this process nationwide has become less and become "rare konjac". We are committed to producing this product for a long time as we have the most support from customers and we will continue to do so.


Hand tied yarn konjac

 In the last few years, this "merchandised knotted yarn konjac" has become our signboard product alongside "Konjac of Sato shop". Recently, "Konjac" is said to have been occupied by the Chinese products, but it was discovered that it was manufacturing several years ago at a Chinese factory of a food company that used expired ingredients, manufacturing, It is a major incident that shakes the shops, and retail shops stopping selling Chinese products continued. Because there were few factories making domestic product knot products, orders rushed to our company, and the state of full operation has been continuing since then.