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Sato shop is also this year, April 4, Heisei 30, celebrating the 30th anniversary of foundation. My father, founder Masahiro Sato, has been doing konjac manufacturing for thirty years as a family business before becoming a corporation, so it will be the 60th anniversary since its founding.


Since ancient times, the tofu / konjac manufacturing industry was close enough to say that there is always one in one town. However, in recent years the number has decreased with the decline of shopping districts, and the number of local Konjac restaurants is increasing. Under such an era environment, we are based in Yufu city, a famous tourist site in Yufuin where we sell to all over the country and worldwide dozens of countries.


Many customers have sincerely loved our products, and continue to purchase, thanks to you, I was able to continue my business until now. I sincerely thank you. Thank you very much.


Until now, we often received questions from customers such as the method of manufacturing our products and their features, but we could not explain properly. Based on this reflection on this website, we would like to make it a place to introduce various things related to our Konjac product. If you do not mind, please look through every corner.


We are looking forward to your continued business.


In addition, I started Facebook. I am also reporting on daily activities and up-to-date, so I think that you can look into that one too.



Representative Director Tatsuya Sato, Sato Shoten Co., Ltd.                           


Company Profile

company name                                 Sato Shoten Co.Ltd


Representative Director and President   Tatsuya Sato


Street address                                Postal code 879-5413

                                               Japan Oita Prefecture Yufu Shonai Town Otatsu 2633-3


contact information                          TEL:097-582-0134



Foundation                 1958


Establishment             1989


Capital                                           10 million yen


Business content                                     Production wholesale sale of konjac products



Senshin Co.Ltd

It is a subsidiary of Sato Shoten Co.Ltd.

We import and export konjac products, etc.

Currently, gluten-free · sugar-free noodle made from konjac and soybean "Soy de Slim"
We develop and sell

Please also take a look at this page.


Soy de Slim

It is gluten free and sugar-free noodle made from konjac and soybeans.
It is a recommended item for diet and weight loss.

For details, please visit the website of Senshin.